Today I Feel Silly

By: Jamie Lee Curtis

The story is about a girl who feels different moods every day even the week. In the story her friends leave her out and she is mad. On another page she feels happy and she learned to french braid hair and she learns to knit on anther page. She feels weird. She eats noodles for breakfast and pancakes for dinner. Today I feel happy because Kira is wearing the same shirt as me.

The story is about a girl that feels silly and in the book she is talking about moods that can make your day. And one mood is mad. Today I feel happy. In the mood angry the page is scary. On the page silly she eats pancakes for dinner and spaghetti for breakfast. And she learns how to do a french braid.

This book is about a silly girl. First in the morning she ate a pasta in the morning and she ate pancakes in the night. I feel happy because tomorrow I’m the child of the day and tomorrow (is) Ashleen’s birthday!