Goal Setting Conferences: October 1 – October 5

Our children have been back to school for just a month and goal setting conferences are around the corner!

Goal setting Conferences are all next week before and after school. (Remember next week is a week of minimum days and all students are dismissed at 12:45pm, Monday – Friday, October 1 – October 5).

If you haven’t heard, KMES students did very well on the 2012 CST. Check out the Data from last year’s CST tests. Kings Mountain Elementary Students have much to be proud of. KMES met all schoolwide goals in Language Arts, Writing, Math and Science. The improvements seen by each grade are a testament to the increased collaboration among staff and the strong and early emphasis on writing in the last few years, beginning in the K-1 classroom.

Please take the time to read the Goals that have been posted in the areas of student self-assessment and writing. The continued focus on these two areas are at the heart of the professional development teachers are receiving this year.

As promised in earlier posts, the Resources page has been updated to include not only the documents that are referenced by this site, but also websites useful to students, parents and teachers. If you know of any websites that would be useful and interesting to students in the areas of reading and writing, please let your child’s teacher know and we’ll add them to the list.

Finally, the Timeline for Project 2013 is posted. Visit this page to see when the next Benchmarks will be. The Timeline also lists when the next School Site Council meeting is scheduled. In October, the SSC will meet to discuss where the students are in Language Arts, what the goals are for 2012 – 2013, and how students will be supported in reaching those goals.

It has only been a month since the start of school, but there is already so much underway.