Parent Night With Charlotte Knox

Tonight parents of KMES students gathered in the 4/5 classroom to hear from Charlotte Knox about what parents can do to support their children at home while our teachers support them at school.

Charlotte reviewed how to read the CST scores that parents should receive in the mail this week and how students will discuss the scores with their teacher during an upcoming “Test Chat”. Test taking strategies that will be reviewed with students were also shared.

Much time was spent discussing the importance of wide reading, talking with children about their reading, and specifically the kinds of questions parents should be asking their children about what they read. Parents requested a source to use to find those “just right” books for their children as well as a place for children to share what they like to read with other children. Perhaps this could be an addition to the “Resources” section of this blog. An email will be sent to parents when the “Resources” section is updated.

Today with Charlotte, our students wrote about themselves and the daily news in the K-1, discussed writing fables and wrote a fable as a group in the 2/3, and discussed narratives and wrote scary stories in the 4/5. Ask your child about what they wrote. My daughter was reading her story aloud in the car on the way home.

Today teachers collaborated over standards and created plans for writing for the school year which will be shared monthly with parents. Much of the writing will take place in class. There will be writing homework titled “Night Writing” that comes complete with instructions so parents know how to support their child at home. Finally, there will be a few assignments that will occur over weeks at school and home and culminate in larger published pieces that will be celebrated in a public way at school.

Tom Pohl recorded the evening and it will be shared with families, you’ll be notified via email when it is available. There are extra copies of the handouts given tonight at school. These will be kept in the office if you would like to pick one up. Also, a copy of Charlotte’s book titled “Backwards Planning for Success with Writing” will be available in the office for parents and community members to browse. This book is filled with many of the tools the teachers are using in their classrooms this year. As I flipped through the book, I quickly recognized a few.

Thanks so much to all the teachers for all their hard work!

Thanks so much for all the parent and community support for our teachers!